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Annoucement Updates e1.0 - NASPO ValuePoint
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  • Dear Valued Supplier:

    We hope you and your staff are staying safe and healthy during this state of emergency. NASPO ValuePoint is committed to helping the supplier community meet and address the critical needs of our customers. In support of this mission, we ask that you please provide ongoing updates on the following as they become available:

    Please note that new submissions will replace any existing information, NOT add to it.
    A field name with a * is a required field.

  • These updates will be posted on the NASPO ValuePoint website, where we will direct inquiries regarding our coronavirus response. We also encourage you to share information with your customers directly and to maintain communication regarding specific orders.

    We are grateful for your partnership and support, especially during these trying times. If there is anything NASPO ValuePoint can do to assist you, please do not hesitate to let us know at

DISCLAIMER: The documents on the NASPO ValuePoint website are for informational/ convenience purposes only. Official documents are maintained by the lead state (or participating entity in the case of participating addenda). In the event of any conflict between the documents on this site and those maintained by the lead state or participating entity, the official documents maintained by the lead state or participating entity govern.

Please note that some documents may be absent or incorrect. Please send all feedback and suggestions for improvement to our website team at

Thank you.